introduction to the characters

Once upon a time, in a land pretty close-by, there lived two girls. The two girls grew up together, went the same play- school where they proceeded to make all the other children cry, went on to elementary school where they were noted for their intelliegence but not particularly well-liked, then went to the same high school where they were noted for their uniqueness but were not particularly popular. Fortunately, all bad things come to an end as well, and they ventured off to the wonderful world of post-secondary education and the work force hoping to conquer the world with their witty repartees, fatal good looks, and machiavellian cunning. Unfortunately, the world had other plans.

and so without further ado, the players so far...


Jill likes short naps on library desks or computer tables, endangered predacious animals, and anything that has berries in it. She doesn't like coffee; she loves it. She intends to graduate with a Bachelor of Science. Emphasis on the word "intends."


Rae likes longs walks on the beach, even longer naps on her bed, and video games that splatter human remains all over the screen. She is studying acting and working in a little grey cube of an office. She intends to take over the world by any means possible. Yes, even that.


Ann is Jill's younger sister. She loves dancing, collecting clothes, and petting cute little fuzzy-wuzzies. Reality, logic, and life outside of high school are as unfathomable to her as quantum physics are to most laymen.


Kendrick is Rae's music and theatre buddy and her adopted little brother. He likes playing every instrument he can get his hands on, inventing alcoholic cocktails, and researching government conspiracies. He can talk the Devil out of his horns and uses this skill as often as possible.


Stu is the busdriver for the 666 line to the unviersity. He likes running over pylons, quoting obscure literary figures, and talking into the microphone. He also has delusions that the bus is actually an Indy car.


Alex is a computer science student who lives in the same building Jill's family. He likes his car, lime-and-berry Slurpies, his car, money, and his car. Women can only dream of getting the same attention from a man as Alex gives his car.