Dueling Introductions


Once upon a time, Katt tried to break my LJ again, when she said, "I just
imagined Jason White and Lian in the same kindergarten playing 'My daddy is
better than YOUR daddy.' "

Clearly, this is all her fault.

Actually, Sara started it. I was happily wallowing in my Marvel love,
dipping only the smallest of toes into Superman (and thus DC) when she
sprang single father, Roy Harper (AKA Arsenal), and his daughter, Lian on me
knowing full-well that father-child relationships are one of my bullet-proof
fic kinks.

To whit--
Sara: "ZOMG, they would fight and then Jason would have an asthma attack and
Lian would SAVE HIM and they'd be BESTEST FRIENDS. o_O Jason has two
daddies and a Mommy, and Lian has the JLU. ZOMG THEY ARE THE CUTEST THING

I rest my case.

Things would have been fine, except that I have the same bullet-proof fic
kink, and Katt knows this. But putting Lian Harper and Jason White in the
same class is just asking for an Epic Crossover of Cuteness and Win, isn't
it? They are the OTP of cute.

Sara: you just KNOW they'd be the BEST OF FRIENDS and Lian would totally be
Jason's protector all through elementary school.
Katt: And then by Gr. 2 eveyrone woudl tease them a lot because EW Jason's
friends with a GIRL and EW Lian's friends with a BOY
Sara: heee, true. but then Lian would beat them up.
Katt: And then Jason would cover up for Lian when the teacher/playground
monitor/principal came down
Sara: and then when they get older, Jason would be SUPERBOY and Lian would
be all "dude, hello, no damsel in distress and my dad will CASTRATE you, so
use that superhearing, would you?"
Katt: And then they'd grow up together and Jason will help Lian through her
first crappy boyfriend!
Sara: this is true! he would bring her Ben and Jerry's ice cream!
Katt: And bring romantic comedies that his mom seems to like to watch she
she's sad but Lian would be all "NO! I want to watch something where the boy
gets his balls ground into dust!"

As is wont to happen when we two get started, the conversation spiralled
into conjectures on their lifelong friendship from bullies to first dates
(not to each other) to detentions that were kind of sort of Lian's fault but
really in a way maybe Jason's. Inevitably, Sara wasn't happy to just fiddle
around with Lian and Jason's lives.

Sara: Oh, oh, can we have the OT3 of Stability and the Dick/Roy love of
Katt: ... They really ARE the most stable OT3 aren't they? I mean, aside
from the initial angst of "YOU have her," No, no, YOU have her." "No really
YOU deserve her more" "ZOMG, you two FLAMING IDIOTS!"
Sara: They ARE. It would take Lois going "idiots" and beating them with a
laptop for them to figure it out. I got distracted there when I was making
my point that the parental units' love lives are not the point or focus of
this fic-which-will-be-written, but you know, still a valid point
Katt: Yes. Because they learn love from their parents which is why Jason is
so quiet and strong and Lian is all flames and BIG GESTURES
Sara: This is true and OMG!!!! ALSO Lian can brood like NOBODY's business if
Dick is any kind of parental unit.

I would argue that it is not completely my fault, but that is perhaps a
slightly incriminating IM. However, the Great Casting Search was entirely
Katt's fault, and I can prove it:

Katt: You know the only thing left to do now is to cast actors

And then she started spamming me with links and pictures, starting with
Lian. I can't take any credit for the casting choices, in the end-- Katt
found everyone, and I have no idea how she did it.

. . .

Well, OKAY so that particular invident WAS my fault. I'll even take the blame for the banner. Alphie deserves some blame for Sean Faris as a teenaged Jason White though.
I have no idea how she found him-- sheer genius likely.

And that, dear readers, is how this whole convoluted series came about.
There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be bzuh-ing galore.
And spandex. Lots and lots of spandex.

But Sara TOTALLY started it

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