5 Times Lois and Clark Were Interrupted




1) Lois teased him so much about daisy dukes and rolling around in haystacks that when she showed up in short shorts, Clark couldn't quite believe his eyes. This was not exactly what he imagined would happen when his parents invited them over for Thanksgiving weekend. (Not that he was opposed to it; he really did like daisy dukes)

It was fortunate that they were in the hayloft when Pa came in for the evening milking. Bad enough that Lois was making the most... graphic suggestions aloud.

2) Diana really had to stop knocking on Kal's condo window. True, their costumes hid very little but she didn't need to be that acquainted with her teammate's rear end. The next time she visited, the blinds were closed.

3) "Goddamn alien invasion couldn't wait ten fucking minutes?!" Lois raged as she threw herself back into the pillows.

"Ten minutes? Sweetheart, I'm hurt." Clark pressed a kiss on her forehead even as he hopped up and down to pull on his boots. "I'll be home in two hours. Three tops. Don't go anywhere."

With a sigh, Lois tugged at the long silk scarves knotted around her ankles and looped to the legs of the bed. "I'm going to cramp up."

"I'll massage it all--" A laser cannon shot over their heads. Superman disappeared out the window.

4) Kon zipped into the open window, grinning widely in anticipation for a) dinner and b) telling Clark the good news about--

"Oh. My. GOD. My EYES!" He crashed into the kitchen island, hands still covering his face then just as abruptly, stumbled out the window again.

Clark glanced at the chocolate ice cream melting on his chest then up at Lois straddling him on top of the dining table. "Okay. Awkward."

5) By this time, Lois was so used to interruptions that when she saw a dark, pointy-eared shape silhouetted against their bedroom door, she didn't even shriek.

Squeezing her legs one last time around Clark's waist, she kissed his cheek and said, "Smallville, I think there's an emergency."

He groaned as he nuzzled her neck. "Of course there is. I'm sorry." He threw a glare over his shoulder at Batman, still motionless and waiting. "You know, I do have a communicator."

"You weren't answering it," said Batman.

"One of these days, the League has to hold a workshop on the social niceties of invading someone's home," Lois said as she tucked her blankets around her shoulders once more. "This is getting to be a really bad habit. You alone have done this at least five times. That's just not on."

Clark was suited up before Batman finally moved. "I let you finish this time," said the dark knight.

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