A Predilection for Airducts




Canal St. Fry smelled. However, Rogue couldn't deny that it had the most beautiful view of the New Orleans. Too bad they didn't have time to appreciate it.

"You comfy, chere?"

"Erm, my knee's stuck."

"Here, lift it... up... ow! Over the shoulder, cherie, not through it."

"Goddamn heels. Oh! Your hand, keep your hand there."

"It's going numb."

"I don't care. Keep. It. There."

Gambit let out a sigh, flipping his bangs up. "Y'know, when I asked you to help me out with a pinch, I didn't quite envision this."

"Remind me to strangle your connection when we get out of this."

"Get in line." He wriggled his hips in lieu of his hands which were stuck quite painfully between Rogue's hip bone and a screwhead. "Kinda cozy though. You and me. All alone. In an airduct."

"Takes my breath away."

"That and the fans are kicking in again."

"Oh, great." Rogue twisted, her arm around in attempt to secure her ponytail but Remy's nose was in the way.



"Kiss it all better?"

She rolled her eyes. "Remy, focus!"

"I can't!" he exclaimed, going dewy-eyed on her. "You did the three pom-poms trick last night in the car. I love the three pom-poms trick. And now you're rubbin' up and down on me on the Canal St. Ferry."

"In an air duct."

"Usin' the whole chicken, chere."

If her foot had something to stand on, it would be tapping away. "If we don't get to that room in time, the ferry's going to dock, and all the gold will disappear."

Staring at Rogue's navel, out of which he'd eaten raspberries just ten glorious hours ago, Gambit said, "I think you're speaking English but I'm not understandin'."

She kneed his chin up. "If nothing else, let's get out of here so we can get to a bed."

"Now, we're talkin' my language." His eyes flashed red in the darkness.

They inched up, slowly, so freakin' slowly.

'Out of curiosity," grunted Rogue, "why do we need to steal the gold?"

"Aside from the obvious?" At her nod, Gambit said, "The people've been taking bits and pieces from all over and putting them in bars to finance some overseas warlords. We don't like that."

"Why not?"

"Gold necklaces look better on you than gold bars."

Just as Rogue was about to make a flip retort, the loudspeakers pinged. "Attention all passengers. Unfortunately, the Ferry has been stalled for an unforeseen amount of time, We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, please partake of the refreshments on the second floor use this time to get to know your neighbours better and. Thank you for your patience."

Rogue looked down at Gambit. Gambit looked up at Rogue.

"Well." Rogue licked her lips.

Gambit blew on her navel.

She sighed. "One day, I'd like to make love on a bed."

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