the last time




His shoulders slumped, Logan pressed his forehead against his open palms, unable or unwilling to accept what he'd just heard. "No, Rogue. I just... no. I been there before an' it ain't something I wanna go through again."

Rogue fell on her knees before him, her bathrobe gaping open. She clasped his gloved hands in her bare ones, squeezing as hard as she dared. "Please, Logan. I swear I won't ask again but I really need yuh right now. Yoah the only one who can do this for me."

Growling, Logan nodded curtly. "Fine. But dammit, this is the last time you use me like this."

Her tears evaporating, Rogue smiled in sultry triumph. She loosened the tie on her bathrobe.

With practiced flourish, Remy twirled Rogue in his arms, unable to keep from beaming as she laughed.

"Unusually happy t'night, cherie," he said, plucking a rose from a nearby table, much to the diners' chagrin. "Hope it's all for me."

Rogue traced his jawline with a gloved finger. "Yuh know it, swamp rat."

Dancing her to a dimmer corner of the floor, Remy used to rose to caress her leg through the high slit of her dress. "Hein, what the...?" He bent slightly to inspect her leg. "When you get cut, cherie?"

Rogue smile instantly strained. "What do you mean?"

He pressed her against a marble column. "That cut on your leg. You been to the Wolverine again, haven't you?"

"No!" she denied fiercely. "I musta snagged it on... on something in the Danger Room."

"Don't lie t'me, chere." Remy pressed the rose against her neck. "I know what your body looks like after y'visit Wolverine."

Rogue pouted, looked away. "This is the last time, I swear."

"Mon Dieu!" Throwing his arms up in disgust, Remy stalked back to their table and threw himself on his chair. "I can't believe you'd do that again, Rogue! How could you? After you promised?"

"I had to!" she cried. "I couldn't find my razor and I was runnin' late and besides, what do you care if I ask Wolvie tah shave my legs? It's not like I can run tuh the nearest drug store and ask for an adamantium blade razor."

"It's demeanin', that's all," muttered Remy. "Usin' the man as a giant Gillette."

Rogue seated herself and stretched one silky smooth leg. "Yuh gotta admit though. His claws give a real close shave."

Remy rubbed his eyes. "I ain't gonna hear the end of this next Danger Room session. 'Least y'didn't ask him t' clean up your bikini line like last time."

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