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the fatted calf

Scott Summers remembers life before Xavier's while tracking down someone he's been searching for for years.

contemplations on an empty closet

Rogue's musings on clothes, piercings, and other such heavy topics.

winter days in westchester

A second-person narrative following a day in the life of Remy LeBeau.

lost & found department: first floor

Scott and Remy talk over a cold pizza, beer and a bit of boom-boom.

higher learning

There is a very special class in Xaviers requiring a very special instructor. Bring your own dishrag.

something about the rooftops

The roof of Xavier's School can get pretty crowded especially when one wants some time alone.

two princes

Logan's back.

pretty, sexy, boy

Remy goes out for what's supposed to be a carefree night in the heart of New York City.

stand the rain

Rogues, mutants, and rain in London.


Marie, her friends and the thoughts that can brew in university.

cafe on st. martin

Early morning at a typical cafe in a typical urban city.

heinriche heine's quote

You are cordially invited to the Grey-Summers Headache... erm... Wedding.

dream time carousel

Several people wake up to confusion. Scott is one of them.

cradling the cactus tree

The consequences of Marie's condition are explored

cryptic love letters

Correspondence coming through Greymalkin Lane, Muir Island Academy, Cambridge University, and... some place(s) east of Cambridge University.

the depth and the breadth and the height

Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt. Sometimes it breeds intimacy. Sometimes, it just wants to breed.

and they began to be merry

Scott aquires a housekeeper at a time when when it is least expected but very much needed.