Space Lords & Purple Butterflies

Darcy's relationship with Clint "Hawkeye" Barton has all the makings of a CW primetime drama but no one should have to bounce on that discostick, least of all her, because shut up, she is AMAZEBALLS.

ALTERNATE TITLE: Darcy's Playlist Shuffle Doesn't Do Random.

Polish Them Rockets, Swallow Those Pills

When Darcy rolls over, the dent on his pillow is still warm and she inhales the remnants of his scent before she remembers she doesn't care.

Dilated Eyes Shooting the Breeze

Clint stares down the sights of his bow, his whole demeanour lose, like, no big, just picking off machine guns with my medieval weapon, y'know, since it's Tuesday, then maybe buy some eggs for breakfast with Natasha, and Darcy stops herself there because she has to be over that now. Really. They were done four years ago. He could not have been that good a lay.

Trade in Being Your Spine

Darcy buries her nose in the notch between Clint's collarbones and reflects on the fantastic seven-month sequel of their relationship. She can now keep a house plant alive for more than a month, rock the Arc du Triomphe sex position, and run three miles before taking a macchiato break. Personal growth bonus score!

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