Chloe is Watchtower. From her fortress high above Metropolis, she can access any system & control any mission. Nothing can hurt her, nothing can surprise her. Except maybe pregnancy. (post- Season 9)

This series of one-shots will be posted in chronological order but not necessarily written in that way. New ficlets will be indicated by the image which will pop up everywhere on this table. :D

Rain Makes Applesauce by Julian Scheer


Two Bits

Chloe has a little secret she's not aware of.


Lois has words with Oliver Jonas Queen regarding her cousin.


Thurday's Child

Thursday's Child has far to go.

Manxome Mimsy Mome

Of course her water would break in the middle of the Cambodian jungle while Clark was still recovering from blue kryptonite exposure and her tech was at the bottom of a crocodile-laden river.


Bored Meeting

Being a Queen means going to lots of boring places instead of going gymnastics class or playing in the park or helping in Nana Martha's farm.


Beautiful, Fantastic, Dirty

"We're having sex, Ollie. Beautiful, fantastic, dirty, comfort sex."

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