black & white




. Rogue/Gambit: Clubbing (illustration for Elemental)
. Rogue/Gambit: Swept Up
. Rogue: industrial-sized ass-kicking
. Tam Lin: an illustrated ballad
. petals strewn sidesways
. the sons of Denathor II say farewell
. Legolas, prince of Mirkwood, at the battle of dagorlad
. Draco Malfoy, aged 17, holding court over the slytherin commons
. Harry potter, aged 15, mooning over Cho Chang
. Harry Potter and Gilderoy Flockheart: posing for the fans
. Cyclops: glance behind
. Rogue: quake
. Goliath/Elisa: lives worth living
. the maze
. semi-undercover
. interlock