5 times things Young Justice definitely did NOT do in the party that definitely did NOT happen the Fortress of Solitude




1) Cissie and Cassie definitely did NOT down 5 Long Island Ice Teas each and use the Father Crystal console as a ring toss.

2) Bart so definitely did NOT challenge Tim to a Jell-o shooter contest and even if he did, he definitely would NOT have spiked Tim's OJ with vodka in order to get him to loosen up enough to agree to said contest that did NOT happen.

3) Tim most definitely did NOT down 24 Jell-o shooters in 5 different colours, flavours and hard alcohol types then use the AI to make himself a crystal copy of the Batmobile so he could get into driver's seat and make vrooom-vroom noises while telling Cissie that "chicks dig the car."

4) Kon definitely did NOT hit on Cass (who was NOT drunk after 1 Melon Smirnoff Ice) by telling her that he had a thing for kevlar and pointy ears because Kon getting drunk would require a truck of 100-proof which they did NOT ask the AI computer to manufacture.

5) The AI definitely did NOT take pictures.

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