About the story

Superclan is a fancomic about Lois Lane & Clark Kent juggling married life, parenthood & work. Sure, Clark happens to be Superman & Lois happens to be the best investigative reporter living, & together they're on a mission to bring down Luthor corruption but that's cake compared to midnight projectile poops, well-meaning (superhero) friends, & triplicate forms to the HOA for the multitude of home renos they need to do to their condo this year.

Clark Kent

AKA Kal-el, Superman

Lois Lane

AKA: Lois F*cking Lane

Linda Lane-Kent

AKA: Kara Zor-el

Chris Lane-Kent

AKA: Lor-Zod

Conner Lane-Kent

AKA: The Kid

Bruce Wayne

AKA: The G*ddamn Batman, Matches Malone, Grim & Grumpy (see: Ollie Queen)

Dick Grayson

AKA: Robin (Mark 1), Nightwing

Diana of Themyscrira

AKA: Diana Prince, Wonder Woman

Ollie Queen

AKA: Green Arrow, Filthy Commie Hippie Bastard Wanna-Be (see: Bruce Wayne)




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