Alternate Title: 5 Times Jenny Shipped Lois & Clark
Alternate to the Alternate Title: 5 Times Lois & Clark Didn't Say "I Love You."

"Superman is big news these days and that means Superman's interest in Lois Lane is fair game," said Cat. Jenny had to yank on Inez's arm to keep her from talking. "You want us to investigate Lois? Is that allowed?" "I want to know for sure if they're getting together. 'Cause if they are, we can drum up some pretty good readership with a little love triangle. Beautiful, successful career woman caught between the love of an alien saviour of the world, and Joe Normal from Hicksville, Alabama. Do you know how many hits that would generate for the DP site?"

Disclaimer: Superman & Lois Lane were created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster. All the characters you can recognize belong to DC Comics (not that they appreciate them well enough) & Warner Brothers.

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