WARNING: Never let Sara and Katt break your LJ.

30 Dec 2006 - Part I

In which Sara and Katt first spew crack.

30 Dec 2007 - Part II

In which an Official Cocktail is served and an Offical Cajun Bartender is introduced.

15 Jan 2007

In which lightsabres and towers lead to Clark's declaration of eating at the Y.

25 Jan 2007

In which a number of ficlets spawn mutual homicidal hatred between Bruce and Remy.

17 Feb 2007

In which the authors get Richard Drunk because no lj-breakage should occur with him sober.

The Great Cross-Medium Breakage: 02 Mar 07
- Sara's LJ
- Katt's LJ
- Sara & Katt's MSN chat

In which Roy Harper is introduced (the first of many), Richard gets a code name, and the owner of the bar reveals himself.

LEGALESE::: Everything belongs to Marvel or DC comics. The crack is ours though.