At My Doorstep

People always leave presents at the door of their favourite actor's homes. However, the one left in Orlando Bloom's door one fine Californian spring day is different from the rest. Very different

LEGALESE::: I claim no personal knowledge of any of the actors depicted in these stories. They are not aware that I'm writing this. None of this actually happened. If you recognize them, they aren't mine. They so rightfully belong to themselves. I am pleased and honoured that they grace us with a piece of themselves every time they make a film (or in Billy's case, every time he speaks; the man can read me the telephone book and I'd be happy). My only goals in writing this are to honour them in prose and to give fellow fans a good bout of story-telling.

note about real-person fics::: I used to be squidgy about this too. Still am a bit, actually, which is why I can't read/write fics that turn real people into evil villains like I could TV/comic-fics. However, because I am rather evil myself and weak-willed besides(never a good combination), I have justified this series by telling myself that I am not writing anything here that would make me ashamed to read it aloud to the person I'm writing about and my mother at the same time.

at my doorstep


someone has left a wee surprise for mr. bloom and his friends

names, nappies, & nightmares

what is in a name, any way?

off the ringer

phone tag à la bloom

re-arranging considerations

it's late. orli's tired. mira's tired. consequences loom.

chocolate is a vegetable

a healthy diet is important for mira, right? no one else seems to think so.

technophilic takeover (or one-thousand and one)

the unthinkable has appeared in orlando's house

a wee bit of elfin wisdom

a short heart-to heart talk between the blooms about love

pre-pubescent ARGH!

orlando is about to experience the most traumatic shopping trip in his life

is that a sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

it's time for james robinson to meet his girlfriend's family for the first time.

back at the doorstep


london, summer of 2020, and the antics that occur therein. Warning: this actually has some seriousness.

not Mira stories per-se but in the same universe

@#!$ short story

jillian tran and cj macormac let loose in the streets of LA circa 2004. be afraid-- be very afraid.